Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Over it.......

Im at the point in my life where i really dont even give a fuck about what anybody says to me. Im over school, and all of its bullshit rules. Today i found out that my photography teacher decides to mark in his gradebook that i havent dont shit in the class. When that the fact is im probably the only kid that does turn shit in. Cause i am the only one that wants to follow this hobby of mine through and maybe start a career out of it. I just think that its bullshit how the fucking education system works at my school. Fuck it. Another thing......my dad is a fuckbag. I go and do shit and then he pulls some lame ass excuses just to ground me. Fuck him. I dont really care about his rules anymore. I have decided that im going to get a tattoo before i turn 18. He only cares about me getting a tattoo cause im under 18. Im probably going to get it when i end up having the money. cause im in major debt. i first have to pay money to record to put out our bands 7 inch. then i have to put money into making the records. then i have to put money into making shirts. fuck. i hate money. god dammit.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


So i found out today that i am going to start an internship with Ama Lea. Shes going to help me understand a lot more about photography. Im pretty stoked. Considering that I am going to end up getting school credits and shit for it. That will definitley help out a lot. I have been taking pictures for almost a year now. I usually take pics of live music photography but I also tend to just fuck around and take pictures of scenery, people and other random things around my house. haha. but anyways heres some of my pictures that i have taken so far.





Saturday, October 18, 2008

yesterday....hate and love collide

so yesterday i ditched school at around like 10ish to go hang out with rob. I left school because i found out that we would be hanging out with ama also. so i was down to leave. i left and got picked up and all that shit. we bone out to robs house and chill there. first we drop his car off at the gas station across the street because he got in a car accident and his car needed to get fixed. we walk back to robs house and hang out. we call vito because we needed to go to robs work to pick up his check so he would be able to pay for his car getting fixed. vito picks us up and all that shit and we go to albertsons. i decide to put on my (ross shorts) so i was super pumped. this whole time we were talking to ama about coming down to hang out with us. she said she would be heading down to robs house around 1ish. but the dumbass's me and rob are we decide to start shit with ama. we start shit and just more shit gets started. by the time she gets down here there was way too much shit to talk about. hahah. were done and ama decides that she is tired. so me and rob were kind of pissed because we thought we were going to do like a late night hangout like we always do with ama. so i just tell ama to drop me off at my house. i get dropped off and then rob gets dropped off and then rob heads over to my house. we are starting to talk shit and then ama gets the idea in her head that all we do is talk shit on her. but we really dont. so me and rob feel bad so we decide to do a secret mission and go and suprise ama at her house. so we go but when we arrive at her house we see that she is not there and she decided to head to santa barbara to stay at her friends house beacuse she had to go shoot a wedding out there the next day. so were like fuck. we have to reveal our secret. we reveal it and then she heads back to hang for an hour or so. and that was our wonderous night.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Night...But could have been better

So today was pretty shitty until i met up with cory, jade, and louie. I woke up this morning (freezing cold) and i was already pissed because i knew i wasnt going to end up going to lisk fest. So i go upstairs to watch tv and my dad comes in the room telling me that i am most likely going to have to babysit my sister tonight. So i tell him i dont want to hear his shit right now because i was in a bad mood. So i call Rob and we end up going to lunch before he goes to Lisk with Ama. We went to Pick Up Stix....i went across the street and got a chicken meal from vons (wasnt that great). But anyways i get a phone call from my dad saying that mckenna might sleep at a friends house. So i start to get super stoked. i call my dad right away and he said that it wasnt for sure that she was going to stay the night at her friends house. So i got super depressed because i got my hopes up thinking that i had a chance of going to lisk. but anyways.......my dad comes back home and im all bitter because rob and ama are having a blast and i wish i was there because i have never seen GB. The first thing he tells me is that mckenna is sleeping at a friends house and that i dont have to babysit her anymore. I got pretty pissed because i could have gone to lisk. So i called Cory, and we hung out at his house with jade and louie. I went to Carls Jr. with louie while cory fell asleep. We hung out with matt garnett and all that shit and the went to in n out. And on there way home they dropped me off. Overall i would rate this day at a 75%. Pretty bummed on the whole missing out on Gorilla Biscuits. But tonight made up for most of it. Have a good night everybody........IM OUT!!!!

-you run your mouth like a fucking machine-

Friday, October 10, 2008

Me....Myself.....and I


thats me

Shows......past, present, future

Well......i am going to talk about how much i love going to shows. Honestly almost every weekend i go to a show. I am proud of that fact because music is something that i love and its something that i will love forever. So, tonight (10-10-08) i went to a show in Long Beach with Rob. It took us about an hour to fucking find the god damn place because google maps fucked us over. But anyways the bands that played were.....CTL, Nails, Creatures, Badmouth, Rotting Out. I mainly went to go see Nails because Rob told me they were basically the hardest band that he has ever heard in his life so i decided to go and check it out. I ended up bringing my camera because that is another hobby of mine. We showed up in the middle of Cut The Lines set and we saw the gorilla biscuits cover which was pretty sweet. Then Nails went on and i was pretty stoked because rob pumped me up so much. I ended up taking pics for Nails. Honestly Rob was not lying. Nails fucking blew me away. they were amazing. They finished off there set with a discharge cover (don't know exactly what song it was though). Creatures came on next. I also ended up taking pictures for them. Creatures were really cool. I have seen them a couple of times before tonight. The cops came right after there set ended. They were going to continue the show but me and rob decided to bone out because we mainly just wanted to stay for Nails. Pretty stoked on the night and how it went because we ended it with a crucial grub at the local In N Out. Some future shows that are coming up are Have Heart, Blacklisted, Ceremony, Letdown, Creatures at Chain on Halloween and then on November 4 or 5Th The Mongoloids are playing at Chain. I am so pumped for that show because the last time i saw the mongoloids was when they did there tour with cruel hand. Well that's about all i have to say about the shows that I'm stoked for that are coming up.